TFO Apparel Opens Online Store


TFO Rugby uses fashion to relate sport’s heritage and global appeal to the contemporary marketplace. It has an attitude that expresses the passion, respect, and concern that the modern rugby player has for the game and those who play it.

Proceeds from TFO apparel provide opportunities for critically injured rugby players to challenge their limitations, defy stereotypes, and re-define the meaning of being disabled.     

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4 Responses to “TFO Apparel Opens Online Store”

  1. Hi Dominic, The website looks fantastic. I’m glad to hear you’ve had so much success come out of the TFO launch at the USA Sevens in SD. I’m privledged to have gotten to meet you and see what a positive influence you had across from our booth!

    I really love the fact that you goal is to encourage everyone to inspire the world. I’m living that idea!

    Blessings on ya! Dave “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philipians 4:13

  2. Thanks for your kind words Dave. Keep spreading the positivity and great things will happen!

    Inspire Humanity ~ Try For Others

  3. valaria johannsen Says:

    Hello, my name is Valaria Johannsen. I have been playing sports for 11 years, and rugby for four. Never before has any sport influenced my life so much. Rugby isn’t just a game, it’s a lifestyle. It has affected my attitude and the way I live. I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better since playing rugby.

    I am so happy to know that there is someone out there trying to inspire others to help those who have, unfortunately, been injured while playing this magnificent game. I have a friend that broke her neck while playing rugby (whom I am happy to say has fully recovered), and it inspired me to take Sports Medicine classes. I didn’t want to see anyone go through as much pain as we did.

    I attended the IRB 7s tournament down in San Diego this year, and upon seeing your booth, immediately bought one of every shirt. I then grabbed the fliers and started handing them out to random people. I don’t know if I made an impact or not, but I felt like I was doing something.

    I have rugby groups on MySpace and Facebook, and I am promoting your organization right now. I was wondering if you might be able to make some banners that we can post on our sites?

    Thank you for making such a huge difference. God has blessed you with the ability to bless others. I can only hope to be so fortunate.

    Good luck,
    Valaria Johannsen

  4. Alison Becker Says:

    WOW!!! The site looks great! I will passed it along to everyone!
    ~Alison Becker

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