SDSU Represents TFO at Collegiate National Championships

sdsutfoTry For Others announced that SDSU will be honoring the organization by wearing the TFO shield on their jersey’s for the 2009 Collegiate National Championships at Stanford. 

“I’m flattered that SDSU will be the first team to wear the TFO shield in competition,” said TFO founder Dominic Cooke.  “Their willingness to support our cause is a testament to the genuine concern the rugby community has for the game and those who play it.”

SDSU coaches, Dan Payne and Matt Sherman, invited Cooke to the team’s jersey presentation to talk about TFO and what the shield they will be wearing represents.  As Sherman, a former teammate of Cooke’s at UC Berkeley expresses, “We invited Dom to come talk to the team last night because I wanted our boys to see an example of someone who is giving back to the game.  It’s inspiring what TFO is doing to help the rugby community, and we feel privileged to support the cause.”

Before presenting the jerseys, Cooke spoke to the team about Try For Others and what the TFO shield represents.  “To me, the TFO shield represents more than just the work our organizations does in the rugby community,” says Cooke.  “It’s bigger than that.  It represents the hard work and sacrifices they have made as individuals and as a team.  It honors all those players who have come before them and made a positive contribution to the game.”  View more pictures from 2009 Collegiate Rugby Championships


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