TFO Apparel Releases New Designs


The Electric Wing shirt represents the excitement of open-play rugby. This shirt is dedicated to all rugby players that electrify the crowd by hitting gaps at full pace.


The Lineout t-shirt is dedicated to all the jumpers out there who fearlessly compete in the air as well as on the pitch.


2 Responses to “TFO Apparel Releases New Designs”

  1. Can you tell me if you still carry the black TFO t shirt that features the upper skeleton with a large red rugby ball beating beneath the rib cage as the heart. I have one from San Diego 7s and everyone i know would like one. I will order a bunch if you still can access them.
    Terry O’Connor
    Edinburgh Scotland

    • Hi Terry,

      Currently, we are no longer selling the Heart of Rugby t-shirt. However, we plan on re-releasing a limited print again towards the end of the summer. Please check back with us and spread the word about TFO to our Scottish rugby friends…Thanks so much for supporting TFO!

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