USA Sevens Team Supports TFO

Despite their busy schedule before the USA Sevens, members of the USA team still made time to show their support for critically injured rugby players by taking part in a photo-shoot for TFO Apparel.  Award winning photographer and founder of Studio J Inc., Eric Jamison, organized the shoot that took place in downtown Las Vegas. 

Paul Emerick wearing “The Electric Wing”

Leonard Peters in “The Tribute”

Matt Hawkins wearing “The Red Zone”

Nick Edwards in “The Shangri-La”

Thretton Palamo wearing “The Lineout”

2 Responses to “USA Sevens Team Supports TFO”

  1. Pat Adams Says:

    The more rugby items appear for people in general to see, the more interest in rugby will begin. In general, the public doesn’t know anything about rugby. The game is very foreign to them. With games beginning to be televised in the U.S.A., the public will be able to watch and become fans. They will want to wear rugby clothes to show friends that they are real fans of rugby. No one is going to make fun of a rugby fan!

  2. Loving your work guys. I’m from a website called Manpilez in the UK and have nabbed one of your images of Paul Emerick to go with an interview. I’ve made sure the readers know not only that it’s yours, but that you’ve got such great shirts for a great cause. Keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want some more plugs in the UK!

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