Fellow Rugger Needs Your Support

“Brandon is a fighter.  He never submits or surrenders to anyone or anything. Tough is an understatement when it comes  to describing Brandon. He is an unstoppable force that will never give up. As Brandon, his family, and his brothers of  rugby face this difficult time, we ask kindly for any generosity you can spare.”                                                                         –White River Rugby Club

Brandon Garner began playing rugby at Hamilton Southeastern High School where his quickness and tenacity made him a solid contributor on the pitch. Active on and off the field, he was not only a member of several athletic teams but also a member of R.O.T.C. whilst working several jobs. Always wanting to push himself, Brandon began spending his off-seasons during high school training with Indiana’s White River Rugby Club, a local competitive men’s team.He quickly established himself as a starter on the team, and became a key player for the teams’ high scoring offense.

However, on April 18th, 2009, Brandon’s promising rugby career was tragically interrupted. While making a routine tackle in a weekend tournament, he suffered a severe injury to his spinal cord. When the paramedics arrived, Brandon was unable to feel anything from the neck down, and could no longer breath naturally.

Since then, Brandon has had some movement in his neck, shoulders, and is starting to have feeling from his lower extremities.  At the time of his accident, he did not have any medical insurance. Now 22 years old, Brandon is at home with his mother but will need assistance from nurses and help breathing on a respirator.  He has a great outlook on recovery and has a great passion for the game of rugby. White River Rugby Club asks for your help and support for their good friend and teammate Brandon Garner.

49 Responses to “Fellow Rugger Needs Your Support”

  1. Brandon,
    You are in my prayer’s brother! Keep fighting and rehabilitating and most importantly have a Positive Mental Attitude! PMA will make everything in life easier! God Bless,
    Dave Steno
    Eastern Illinois University RFC 85-89
    Chicago Blaze RFC ’90-present

    • Bago chemist TRC Says:

      no matter what keep your head above the water…….cause one day things will get better………….loads of luv

  2. JC Bautista Says:

    Keep your head up. Anything I can do, please let me know. JC

  3. Hi Brandon,

    Keeping you in my good thoughts and prayers. It is good news that you are regaining movement. That is a good sign your body is doing the best to get you well.

    I do hope you are getting physical therapy, in spite of having no insurance. Have someone research this if you aren’t. That is an important key to get you up and walking and do not let anyone tell you you will not walk again.

    Remember the player on the Buffalo Bills–he was told No you will not walk and he has had a full recovery. Keep thinking positive.

    Eileen Neustadt
    Rugby fan especially Cal Rugby

  4. Hey Brandon,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have been a long time friend with Dom Cooke, other wise known as BdoMki Donk (just fyi :). Thats cause he always goes for girls with a Bdonki donk twice the size that he is, not hard to believe I know!
    Anyway, I have complete faith in your recovery to at least being a happy soul again. I have been a first hand witness to Dominiques achievements and I know, that because you are a part of TFO that you obviously have the same abilities.
    I hope to meet you in person soon; both in good spirits and good health!
    Take care, Simone.

  5. Jeremy Ognall Says:


    keep your faith, cherish your support and finish strong. We will be thinking of you.

  6. Christa Says:

    Brandon I miss you and wish you the best.

  7. Tim Taylor Says:

    Brandon, it’s great news to hear about the movement and sensations you are regaining. Keep that positive attitude and always move forward. No looking back. Lots of people are pulling for and praying for you and your family.

    Tim Taylor

    Las Vegas RFC
    Hawaii Harlequins RFC
    USAF Rugby

  8. Todd "Ito" Komori Says:


    Continue the good fight. You are in my thoughts. There is always hope.

    Todd Komori
    Orange County Bucks Rugby

  9. Brandon,
    Praying for you and for recovery. Stay strong and keep your head up.
    Brother in Rugby.

    Derek Kemper
    Azusa Pacific Rugby
    Arete University Rugby

  10. Sending you best wishes, keep strong and in our thoughts.

    Go well

    Kevin Prendergast
    Executive Director
    Southern California Rugby Football Union

  11. Viliame Vakasisikakala Says:

    All the best Brandon. The book of Isaiah said: ” Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will sore on wings like eagles, they will run and never grow weary, they will walk and never faint”.

    GOD bless you and your family.

    Vakasisikakala and Family (Pacific Islanders)
    Bronx, NY.
    Lansdowne Rugby

  12. Spencer Says:

    Keep punching away Brandon!

    Nothing is impossible to come back from!

    Praying for a fellow rugger,

    Los Angeles/New York City

  13. Mate we all wish you the very best of Luck and Fingers Crossed a Speedy and Full Recovery.
    We are only a new Club formed less than 1 year ago, and we will be pushing all of our players from now on to make sure that they have their Personal Health Insurance in Place before they play any further games.
    If you ever manage to make it to Cancun VIP Treatment for you Okay.
    Best Regards
    All at Cancun Hammerheads.

  14. Leonardo Says:

    hi Brandon, Im a rugby player from Colombia South america. I cannot send u money for ur treatment, but i can send u my good energy. All the rugby players of the world are with u, and also God is with you take care.

  15. Get well soon fellow rugger

  16. Wishing you the best on your recovery….stay positive bro!

    Las Vegas

  17. Guy Walsh Says:

    Stay positive … and keep fighting….that is the heart of a Rugger…there are many who play Rugby, but only a few can call themselves “Rugby Players”…you my friend are a Rugby Player. What has happened to you could have happened many times over to any of us…..keep up the good fight…and I have made my donation via t-shirt purchase…

    Yours in Rugby
    Guy Walsh

  18. Brandon,

    I’m a PT and have had the opportunity to work with several spine injury patients. I have seen the body make some amazing recoveries, and medicine is advancing quickly in this area. Stay focused on getting well, and I’ll be proud to help if you find yourself in the Chicago area.

    All the Best,
    Andy Kushner
    Columbia Outlaws RFC 1995-99

  19. Mike C. Says:


    Stay rugby strong and believe! Lots of work, a positive attitude and trust in the Lord — ANYTHING can happen when others might scoff.

    Never give up!

    I will pick-up a t-shirt to support you. I wish I had the means to do more.

    Mike C.

  20. Xavier BRUNEAU Says:

    Hi Brandon,

    Don’t ever give up. Keep pushinh hard. It’s a long and slow way to recovery but it will be OK. I’m an emergency doctor and I still play rugby at 49 on a French minor league. I have made my donation via a T-shirt purchase and I will keep on for may two sons and daughter who also are rugby players. Get well my rugby friend.

    Xavier BRUNEAU M.D.
    Club Olypique Périgueux Ouest Rugby club, France

  21. Marcus Dufort Says:


    Keep up that positive attitude, you are on you way to better things. The Lord has greater things planned for you in your future. Continue the fight, you’ll be in our prayers.


  22. daniel holtz Says:

    Get well soon.



  23. Get well soon buddy, we need more rugby players in this country :). Wish you well.


    A fellow rugger

  24. All the best for you mate!

  25. Best wishes from Boston, stay strong Brandon! It’s going to be a long and difficult road, but I can already tell that you can do it. Stay positive and cherish those around you, I know they cherish you as well.

    Cheers mate!

    B.C.H. Rugby ’05-’09
    LUC Men’s RFC ’09-present

  26. Erin Monroe Says:

    MY thought are with you…Hang in there and keep working hard on recovery. You are a fighter!

  27. Heather Says:

    My prayers are with you for a swift recovery. My son plays Rugby and did so his 4 years of high school at Cambridge Rindge and Latin Cambridge, MA. He also suffered a few minor injuries so as a parent it touches my heart. I wish I could do more than a T-shirt. Take care.

  28. Hey Brandon! about seven years ago my brother was paralyzed when he was 18 yrs old. There were hard times but it is amazing to see how he has learned to do so many awesome things. no matter how tough it gets you are still you and still have so many possibilities ahead of you. keep on being the fighter you are and keep living your life no matter what…good things will come of it, i promise!

  29. Keep up the good fight brother, it takes a lot of heart to play our sport and with that big heart you have the ability to get through anything. Best wishes towards you, your family, your team, and your recovery.

  30. Gareth Hoernel Says:


    Stay positive I know with hard work and determination you will get through this. I suffered a neck injury that renedered me unable to play rugby any longer and know how tough it can be to have such a profound sport stripped from you. However, know that you will always be part of the rugby family and with hard work, positivity you will emerge triumphant from your injury! I wish you and your family all the best and hope you have a speedy recovery! Remember as one door closes thousands open up.

    Much love my brother,

    Gareth Hoernel

    Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires RFC

  31. Brandon,

    Keep on fighting, don’t let anything ever get you down. I am praying for you and your family, and that you make a recovery. It might seem like a long journey to you, but just remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Stay strong in your heart and do what a rugby player would always do, never give up.

    I will be getting a T-shirt very soon, I wish there was something more I could do.

    God Bless, and your fellow rugger,

    Jacob Floyd

  32. Brandon,

    Fight the good fight man! Ruggers are tough and gotta stay strong. Dont ever give up!

    I’ll keep you in my prayers. God works in amazing ways!

    Shawn Tucker
    NC State Wolfpack RFC ’91-96

  33. Nathan Trepagnier Says:

    Hey Brandon,

    My thoughts are prayers are with you and your family. Keep your chin up man, good things will come to you for being a good person. So sorry to hear about the accident. I’ll be praying for a full recovery.

    Sincerely, a brother rugger,

    Nathan Trepagnier
    Norman Colts United HS RFC



  35. Brandon,

    You have shown your courage on the field now its time to show your courage off the field.

    with you,

  36. chris henderson Says:

    Hey this is chris henderson from the fresno state rugby team. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery. My prayers to out to you.

  37. Hi Brandon, never give up man, believe in yourself and have faith. My prayers to you and your mom.

  38. You are in the thoughts and prayers of the grub worms of northern kentucky.

  39. Good luck, mate! I’ll keep you on my prayers. Keep up the excellent progress. Scott-Go All Blacks!

  40. hey, fellow injured former player here. Just remember that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. just use your support to excel and never give up (just like im sure your coach taught you about rugby and life).

  41. Brandon
    Good luck on your Rehab ! Im sure there are days its tough but keep positive and know the Rugby family is a large one and will always have you in there best wishes !

  42. Ian Sutherland Says:

    Hello Brandon: Have just read of your sad accident via the Rugby World ad.
    A donation has been sent today but that is small by comparison to the compassion I am sure all rugby players feel for you. I feel blessed that at 77 years I got in 26 years of the noble game before old age caught up. I pray that the repair of your physical damage goes on until complete. I am sure that your spirit as a rugger player will cope with the adversities you face.

    Ian, Mount Washington RFC NH

  43. Brandon-

    My heart aches at your story. May God bless you and your family as you continue your valiant struggle. Remember that your body may defy you but your mind can still be agile and lead you down a path of open doors. 60 minutes just did a story on Regenerative Medicine being applied to horribly wounded vets with amazing results, so have hope, continue to dream, live and love.

    All the best my man.


  44. James Sinclair Says:

    Brandon –

    No obstacle is too great to overcome. You can make it, brother. Remember what the game teaches all of us: Persevere in the face adversity and you can win. No matter what, keep fighting. We got your back.

    James Sinclair
    2nd Row
    Oklahoma City RFC 1999-2002

  45. Stay up and our prayers are with you and your family during this hard time. God heals all in his own ways, maybe physical or in the spirit. Stay strong.


    East Palo Alto Rugby….

  46. Aloha Brandon
    The darkest night is always followed by the best dawn, and so it will be for you and your recovery. Please know that the rugby family world wide is pulling for you and praying for you and your mom. The Maui Rugby Club out here in Hawaii will pray together for you at every practice and every match until you walk again. If you ever want a friend on the other side of the world to correspond with please know you can find one by email at coach-jack@maui-rugby.org.
    Your rugby brother,

    Coach Jack
    Maui Rugby

  47. You’re an inspiration, Brandon. The type of young man I hope my boys will one day turn into. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mother, and I pray for not only a quick, miraculous recovery, but financial blessings to be upon you.

  48. We are still rooting for you Brandon! You may not remember me but I was one of the old-boy founders of WRRFC back when we called it HCMF from ’99-’07. Stay strong and don’t lose faith fellow rugger, you are in my thoughts and White River’s always.

    Pulling for you as always,

    Santi #2

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