“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”                                                                                        –John Wooden

On Saturday July 17th, TEAM TFO will debut at the 37th annual Eppie’s Great Race.  Dubbed “The World’s Oldest Triathlon,” over 3,000 athletes have signed up for the race which consists of 5.82 miles of running, 12.5 mile of cycling and 6.35 miles of Kayaking or Canoeing along the American River.

TEAM TFO is a Try For Others program that encourages disabled persons to challenge their limitations, defy stereotypes, and re-define the meaning of being disabled.  TFO founder, Dominic Cooke, first began thinking about the program in 2009 after returning from a cycling camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

“I’d been away from organized sport as an athlete for so long that I had forgotten the importance of the team dynamic,”recalls Cooke.  “My week in Colorado reminded me how special it is to be part of a team.  You have the same competitive mind-set, the same common goals, and the support of teammates to help you achieve those goals.  I wanted to bring that same team dynamic to Try For Others, and encourage both able-bodied and disabled individuals to inspire each other and challenge their limitations.”

As a member of team TFO, individuals identify a challenge to overcome (marathon, triathlon, hike, race, etc.) and give reason to their pursuit by raising funds so that TFO can sponsor disabled athletes to overcome their own challenges.  TEAM TFO is proud to sponsor 7 disabled athletes for Eppie’s Great Race.  Meet TEAM TFO Great Race Athletes

Video of Dominic’s experience in Colorado that inspired TEAM TFO



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