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2011 Team TFO handcyclist, Thea Rosa, talks to Good Day Sacramento about participating in Eppie’s Great Race


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One Of The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told By The Rugby Team That Lived It

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On October 13, 1972, a young rugby team called The Old Christians from Montevideo, Uruguay, boarded a plane for a match in Chile and then vanished into thin air. Two days before Christmas, 16 of the 45 passengers miraculously resurfaced. They had managed to survive for 72 days after their plane crashed on a remote Andean glacier. Thirty-five years later, the survivors returned to the crash site, known as the Valley of Tears, to recount in their own words their harrowing story of defiant endurance, intense spirituality, and indestructible friendship. Previously documented in the worldwide bestseller Alive (and the film adaptation starring Ethan Hawke), this shocking true story finally gets the cinematic treatment it deserves. Visually breathtaking and crafted with riveting detail by documentary filmmaker (and childhood friend of the survivors) Gonzalo Arijòn with a masterful combination of on-location interviews, archival footage and reenactments, Stranded is a hauntingly powerful and spiritually moving celebration of humanity.  View film website

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TFO Apparel Article in American Rugby News

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Try For Others, a non-profit dedicated to helping critically injured rugby players live a more active and independent lifestyle, announced Tuesday the official launch of  TFO APPAREL.

All proceeds from TFO APPAREL benefit programs to provide opportunities for critically injured rugby players to challenge their limitations, defy stereotypes, and re-define the meaning of being disabled.

The roots of TFO APPAREL can be traced back to 2001 when Dominic Cooke, then a senior on the UC Berkeley rugby team, was involved in a car accident whilst at home for Christmas vacation. 

When he awoke in the hospital, the doctor informed him he was paralyzed from the waist down and would probably never walk again. Read full article