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“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”                                                                                        –John Wooden

On Saturday July 17th, TEAM TFO will debut at the 37th annual Eppie’s Great Race.  Dubbed “The World’s Oldest Triathlon,” over 3,000 athletes have signed up for the race which consists of 5.82 miles of running, 12.5 mile of cycling and 6.35 miles of Kayaking or Canoeing along the American River.

TEAM TFO is a Try For Others program that encourages disabled persons to challenge their limitations, defy stereotypes, and re-define the meaning of being disabled.  TFO founder, Dominic Cooke, first began thinking about the program in 2009 after returning from a cycling camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

“I’d been away from organized sport as an athlete for so long that I had forgotten the importance of the team dynamic,”recalls Cooke.  “My week in Colorado reminded me how special it is to be part of a team.  You have the same competitive mind-set, the same common goals, and the support of teammates to help you achieve those goals.  I wanted to bring that same team dynamic to Try For Others, and encourage both able-bodied and disabled individuals to inspire each other and challenge their limitations.”

As a member of team TFO, individuals identify a challenge to overcome (marathon, triathlon, hike, race, etc.) and give reason to their pursuit by raising funds so that TFO can sponsor disabled athletes to overcome their own challenges.  TEAM TFO is proud to sponsor 7 disabled athletes for Eppie’s Great Race.  Meet TEAM TFO Great Race Athletes

Video of Dominic’s experience in Colorado that inspired TEAM TFO

Fellow Rugger Needs Your Support

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“Brandon is a fighter.  He never submits or surrenders to anyone or anything. Tough is an understatement when it comes  to describing Brandon. He is an unstoppable force that will never give up. As Brandon, his family, and his brothers of  rugby face this difficult time, we ask kindly for any generosity you can spare.”                                                                         –White River Rugby Club

Brandon Garner began playing rugby at Hamilton Southeastern High School where his quickness and tenacity made him a solid contributor on the pitch. Active on and off the field, he was not only a member of several athletic teams but also a member of R.O.T.C. whilst working several jobs. Always wanting to push himself, Brandon began spending his off-seasons during high school training with Indiana’s White River Rugby Club, a local competitive men’s team.He quickly established himself as a starter on the team, and became a key player for the teams’ high scoring offense.

However, on April 18th, 2009, Brandon’s promising rugby career was tragically interrupted. Continue reading

Support Mike Jones

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On February 27, 2010 Michael “Jonesy” Jones was critically injured while playing in a rugby tournament in FT. Lauderdale, Florida.

At present, Mike is paralyzed from the neck down. He remains hospitalized and reliant on a breathing machine.  The challenges facing Mike and his family are tremendous.  Help an injured rugby brother and support Mike Jones :: Click here to make a donation

USA Sevens Team Supports TFO

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Despite their busy schedule before the USA Sevens, members of the USA team still made time to show their support for critically injured rugby players by taking part in a photo-shoot for TFO Apparel.  Award winning photographer and founder of Studio J Inc., Eric Jamison, organized the shoot that took place in downtown Las Vegas.  Continue reading

An Irish Rugby Tale

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Back in the mid 1960s there was an Irish full back of awesome ability by the name of Dermot “Stone Wall” Hogan.  Built like a cow shed, his tackling powers were legendary. He’d go in low and hard, leaving opponents wishing they’d never left the dressing room.  His boast was he’d never missed a tackle.

Meanwhile, across the water in England there was a winger by the name of Roger Cadwallader-Smith.  Roger, nicknamed “The Electric Eel,”  could sprint like a champion racehorse, dodge like a butterfly and leave vainly pursuing opponents looking like drunken cattle.  He was England’s record try scorer. Continue reading

TFO Attending 2010 USA Sevens in Las Vegas

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TFO is proud to announce that we will be selling apparel and promoting our cause at the biggest rugby event in North America.  Big thanks to our friends at USA Sevens for making this possible.  If you don’t have tickets, buy them today!

TFO Reaches Out to Youth Rugby Players

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The future of American Rugby is here! They may be under 14 and new to the sport…but these guys can play! Big thanks to the Land Park youth rugby team for supporting Try For Others. We’re proud to have the Motley’s wearing TFO Apparel!

TFO Apparel Releases New Designs

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The Electric Wing shirt represents the excitement of open-play rugby. This shirt is dedicated to all rugby players that electrify the crowd by hitting gaps at full pace.


The Lineout t-shirt is dedicated to all the jumpers out there who fearlessly compete in the air as well as on the pitch.

TFO Helps Injured Las Vegas Rugger Masiano Sala

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On June 27th, 2009, Try For Others presented a $1,000 to support the recovery efforts of Masiano Sala who was injured while playing rugby for the Las Vegas Silverbacks.

In 2008, Masi took on coaching duties for the Las Vegas Silverbacks. On March 28th, 2009 the Silverbacks met the San Diego Armada at Robb Field in San Diego. Masi strapped on his cleats for lack of players and stepped out onto familiar turf to support his team. In the middle of the first half, with the Silverbacks two tries ahead against the Armada, Masi was tackled and went down not knowing what unfortunate circumstances he would encounter.

Continue reading

TFO Helps Critically Injured Rugby Player Jon Thomann

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jon thomann

What can be learned from the game of rugby?  Undoubtedly, each match offers a medley of emotions.  For the victorious, there is triumph and satisfaction, and for the defeated, disappointment and despair.   No matter what side you may fall on for the day, these emotions are momentary, only to be visited again at a later date.   The season is not over yet, and there is more work to be done.  The victors move forward with confidence as the defeated seek redemption.  

In life, like in rugby, there are great highs and devastating lows—times of triumph and times you feel defeated.   In times of defeat, when obstacles seem to great to overcome, it is important to remember the lessons of the game— you must have the confidence to move forward and always seek the possibility of redemption.  As long as you’re breathing, life is not over, and there is more work to be done.

Jon Thomann, a former member of the Jefferson City Rugby Club, understands this better than anyone.

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