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TFO Supports Derek Thomas Fundraiser

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TFO was honored to be one of many sponsors at the Derek Thomas Fundraiser this past weekend. Severely burned in a car accident, Derek continues on his road to recovery, and inspires all that meet him. Thanks to family, friends, local businesses, and the rugby community, nearly $100,000 was raised. Great job done by Ramon Samaniego who organized the event!

Please Support the Derek Thomas Fund

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TFO Helps Critically Injured Rugby Player Jon Thomann

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jon thomann

What can be learned from the game of rugby?  Undoubtedly, each match offers a medley of emotions.  For the victorious, there is triumph and satisfaction, and for the defeated, disappointment and despair.   No matter what side you may fall on for the day, these emotions are momentary, only to be visited again at a later date.   The season is not over yet, and there is more work to be done.  The victors move forward with confidence as the defeated seek redemption.  

In life, like in rugby, there are great highs and devastating lows—times of triumph and times you feel defeated.   In times of defeat, when obstacles seem to great to overcome, it is important to remember the lessons of the game— you must have the confidence to move forward and always seek the possibility of redemption.  As long as you’re breathing, life is not over, and there is more work to be done.

Jon Thomann, a former member of the Jefferson City Rugby Club, understands this better than anyone.

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17th Annual White Plains RFC Jo-Jo Moore Rugby Tournament

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Picture 4In 1991, while playing hooker in an Old Boys match, Matt “Jo-Jo” Moore suffered a severe spinal cord injury when engaging in a scrum.  After being stabilized, the doctors confirmed the tragic reality–he had broken his neck and was now a quadriplegic.  At the time, Jo-Jo was a loving father of four daughters as well as a dedicated teacher, wrestling coach, and swimming coach in the Peekskill School system.  In addition, he was an active member of the community as a New York State softball umpire, volleyball official, volunteer fireman, and church deacon.       

Now, 19 years later, Jo-Jo continues to demonstrate courage and leadership qualities that inspire all that know him.  Since his accident, Jo-Jo has returned to teaching and coaching, earned a second Masters Degree, and volunteers as a health teacher at a small private school.  He remains to be a vibrant member of the community and a role model for all who meet him.

In honor of Jo-Jo, his wife Peggy, and their family, the White Plains Rugby Club will host the 17th Annual Jo-Jo Moore Rugby Tournament on Saturday June 27th at the New York Military Academy in Cornwall-On-Hudson, New York.   With four divisions, ranging from Old Boys to Premiere, the all-day tournament will help support Jo-Jo so that he can live a more active and independent lifestyle, and continue to be an inspirational member of the community.

The White Plains Rugby Club is currently seeking participation, sponsorship, and donations for this worthwhile cause.  In the spirit of rugby, help the White Plains Rugby Club, and support Jo-Jo Moore.

Click here for tournament info & sponsorship opportunities 

One Of The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told By The Rugby Team That Lived It

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On October 13, 1972, a young rugby team called The Old Christians from Montevideo, Uruguay, boarded a plane for a match in Chile and then vanished into thin air. Two days before Christmas, 16 of the 45 passengers miraculously resurfaced. They had managed to survive for 72 days after their plane crashed on a remote Andean glacier. Thirty-five years later, the survivors returned to the crash site, known as the Valley of Tears, to recount in their own words their harrowing story of defiant endurance, intense spirituality, and indestructible friendship. Previously documented in the worldwide bestseller Alive (and the film adaptation starring Ethan Hawke), this shocking true story finally gets the cinematic treatment it deserves. Visually breathtaking and crafted with riveting detail by documentary filmmaker (and childhood friend of the survivors) Gonzalo Arijòn with a masterful combination of on-location interviews, archival footage and reenactments, Stranded is a hauntingly powerful and spiritually moving celebration of humanity.  View film website

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