TFO Helps Injured Las Vegas Rugger Masiano Sala

On June 27th, 2009, Try For Others presented a $1,000 to support the recovery efforts of Masiano Sala who was injured while playing rugby for the Las Vegas Silverbacks.

In 2008, Masi took on coaching duties for the Las Vegas Silverbacks. On March 28th, 2009 the Silverbacks met the San Diego Armada at Robb Field in San Diego. Masi strapped on his cleats for lack of players and stepped out onto familiar turf to support his team. In the middle of the first half, with the Silverbacks two tries ahead against the Armada, Masi was tackled and went down not knowing what unfortunate circumstances he would encounter.

His neck was broken at C3-4 and Masi was paralyzed from the shoulders down. He was stabilized and transported to UCSD emergency where he remained there for 4 weeks in ICU. Surgery on the broken neck to repair C3-4 had been performed. He managed through a series of infections and respiratory complications that could have easily ended his life if it hadn’t been for his will to live and his trust in God.

The day finally came when Masi’s health had improved enough for him to be transferred home to Las Vegas. After a 1-½ hour flight, they arrived at the North Las Vegas airport and without delay, transported to the Healthsouth Hospital at Tenaya. Masi remains paralyzed and has begun speech, respiratory and physical therapy. His progress remains slow and steady, however, he’s determined to return to a normal life.

3 Responses to “TFO Helps Injured Las Vegas Rugger Masiano Sala”

  1. What a touching story. I had to leave a comment if not to say that, to say this: great site and keep up the good work Dom!


  2. Heidi Kane Says:

    This is one of my best friends from high schools husband. Masi is a very good Man. I just found out about this tragedy. I would like to say how ironic that this happened in San Diego. Masiano’s wife is from San Diego and went to Point Loma high ’76 Debbie Featherston .They are a good christain family. From what I understand are still in need of help.

  3. Tom Cobb Says:

    I’m trying to track down info on Masi’s recovery. Good news or bad news, either would be appreciated.

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