Rugby Community Helps TFO Raise $6,300 for Brandon Garner’s Recovery

On August 28th, 2010, at a fundraiser in Indianapolis, Indiana, TFO presented Brandon and his mother with a $5,500 check on behalf of the rugby community to help Brandon in his recovery. With the White River RFC raising an additional $800 at the event, the rugby community came together to raise over $6,000 for Brandon’s cause.  Big thanks to all the generous rugby players and fans who supported TFOs fundraising campaign for Brandon by sending donations and buying TFO Apparel.  :: Read Brandon’s full story here

3 Responses to “Rugby Community Helps TFO Raise $6,300 for Brandon Garner’s Recovery”

  1. That is awesome….nice work TFO!

  2. Jordyn Shanks Says:

    I’ve known Brandon for many years, he was a very very close friend of mine but we lost touch about six years back and I’m now seeing what he’s been going through and I would really like to get in touch with him and see how he is doing. If anybody knows how I can reach him could you please comment on this post or email me at thanks

  3. Jordyn Shanks Says:

    Or I can be reached at 2175974572

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